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M3 Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP, SpO2 & Temp)
Edan M3 Vital Signs Monitor has made its mark in out-patient department and doctor's office for its accuracy, durability and cost-effectiveness.
iM8 Patient Monitor
The iM8 series puts reliable monitoring technologies at your finger tips.
iM50/M50 Patient Monitor
The new generation Edan iM50/M50 patient monitor provides perfect transportation solution.
iM60 Patient Monitor
With selectable optional parameters including IBP, cardiac output and capnography, iM60 can adapt to a wide range of sub-acute divisions.
iM70 Patient Monitor
With a wide range of optional parameters, iM70 can meet most clinical requirements in cardiovascular monitoring and gas monitoring.
iM80/M80 Patient Monitor
The high performance of the Edan iM80/M80 is designed to match the needs for critical care, post anesthesia care and operation room.
M3A Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP, SpO2 & Temp)
Edan M3A Vital Signs Monitor provides essential measurements for patient's SpO2, NIBP, Pulse Rate and Temp.
M3B Vital Signs Monitor
EDAN M3B ensures effective capnography monitoring for intubated and non-intubated patients for continuous long-term monitoring.
Elite V8 Modular Patient Monitor
Designed as a full modular monitor, elite V8 dedicates to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions especially for critical divisions.
iM20 Modular Patient Monitor
iM20 provides comprehensive monitoring solution to hospitals, connecting ambulatory cares to intensive cares.
H100B Pulse Oximeter
The H100B Pulse Oximeter provides a simple universal tool for patient monitoring - from spot checks to continuous monitoring.
iT20 Telemetry Transmitter
Edan iT20 is a Wi-Fi based telemetry transmitter with standard ECG monitoring functionality and optional pulse oximetry.
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