Cardiac Direct


MFM-CMS Central Station Software

MFM-CMS Central Monitoring System


  • Complete solution for LAN, Wi-Fi or mixture networking
  • Multi-display modes on dual or single display
  • Large storage capacity of both the waveforms and the numeric measurements
  • Bi-directional communication with EDAN bedside patient monitors
  • Automatic/Manual time synchronization
  • Batch management
  • Monitoring data statistics & Central analysist
  • Drug Dose/Hemodynamic/Ventilation/Oxygenation/Renal Function Calculation
  • Web viewer

Technical Specifications:

Max. Amount of Networked Monitors

  • Up to 128 bedside monitors:
  • Support 32 bedside monitors in one display
  • Support 64 bedside monitors in two displays


  • Alarm Categories: Physiological/Technical
  • 3 Levels of Alarm: High/Medium/Low Level
  • Indicating Method: Audible/Visual

Compatible Monitors

  • elite V8, iM80, iM50, iM9, iM9A, iM8, iM8A, iM8B
  • M80, M50, M9, M9A, M8, M8A, M8B
  • M3, M3B


  • Patient information
  • Waveform Review
  • Alarm Wave
  • NIBP Review
  • Alarm Table
  • Drug Calculation, Titration Table
  • Trend Graph
  • PDF File
  • Trend Table