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iT20 Telemetry Transmitter

iT20 Telemetry Transmitter

EDAN iT20 is a Wi-Fi based telemetry transmitter with standard ECG monitoring functionality and optional pulse oximetry. Communicate with MFM-CMS in real time, iT20 enhances the overall monitoring, especially for in-hospital mobile cardiac patients and rehabilitations. It also can be applied as a backup device for emergency cases in hospital.

  • 3 or 5 lead ECG

The central monitoring system seamlessly incorporates the data from patient monitors as well as iT20 telemetry transmitter, providing a multi-patient monitoring and medical record management. Moreover, through the web access, caregivers can log in the system anywhere, anytime.

Technical Specifications:

Blood pressure information

  • Systolic Range: 25 bpm to 300 bpm
  • Diastolic Range: 30 bpm to 300 bpm
  • Accuracy: +-2 bpm

SpO2 Information

  • Measurement Range: 0% to 100%
  • Measurement Accuracy: +-2% (70% to 100% SpO2)
  • Measurement Time: 1 s


  • Power Type: 2 - AA Batteries
  • Battery life: =100 hrs (3-Lead ECG) and =36 hrs (with SpO2)


  • Safe Operating Temperature: 0 C ~ +40 C (32 ? ~ 104 ?)

Pulse Rate Information

  • Range: 25 bpm to 300 bpm
  • Accuracy: +-2 bpm